Last update: 4-23-2019

This website is owned and operated by Financial Copywriting LLC.

Our Business Address:

P.O. Box 495
Walled Lake, MI

You can reach us at info[AT], at the Business Address above, or by phone at (I spell it out to stop spam calls) two-four-eight-seven-four-seven-five-four-two-zero. Be aware — we don’t answer the phone. It goes to voice mail. And of course, we’ll delete any voice mail you leave, upon your request to do so.

Now pay attention, folks, it just doesn’t get any more(yawn) exciting than legalese:

For every visitor to our Web Site, our Web Server automatically recognizes the consumer’s domain name and IP address, and what kind of web browser you’re using. Not that we really care, but some people just love statistics. However, most of us normal people, probably like you and I, find them somewhat nauseating. Still, we can delete the IP tracking log for your IP and web browser type if you request.

We collect information that you submit voluntarily, like anything you submit through a form. This could be, and not limited to:

At this time, the only form data we ask you to submit does not get stored on this website. The content that you put in the boxes ends up in our email inbox. If you submit a request through the form on our “Contact Page,” clearly asking for your data identification and/or removal, I’ll let you know what data I have on you, and erase it at your request.

Supplying us with your postal address will entitle you to receive the information you requested from us.

Are You Getting Excited Yet?

We collect information to notify consumers about product updates, website updates, or to make special offers by email or postal mail.

You can always opt-out of future emails by clicking on the “Unsubscribe” link found near the bottom of our emails.

Regarding cookies: Cookies are used by us to record session information, like color preferences, etc., or items that you add to your shopping cart. Remember back when these used to mean those cool things with chocolate chips that nice lady down the street used to bake for us? Well, now they mean little files that sit on your hard drive and try to remember your likes and dislikes.

If you supply us with your telephone number(s) on-line, you will receive telephone contact from us with information regarding information you requested, or orders you have placed on-line. Can’t really think of any other reason we’d call.

We do NOT sell your personal information to other marketers or list brokers.

In case we have to process payments or send email, we may share information we collect, including e-mail addresses, physical addresses, or any other information with our payment processor, or email server and processors. If we mail something through the post office, then postal employees may see your address information. (Assuming they chose to do their jobs and deliver it.)

Regarding Ad Servers: we are not using these now, nor do we plan to in the future. But we reserve the right to change our mind about this at any time without notice. So in case we do, here’s the deal:

In order to bring you offers that might be interesting to you, we may have or develop relationships with other companies that we permit to place ads on various pages on our web server. This means these companies may collect information such as your domain type, your browser type, your IP address and various clickstream information. For more information, check out the privacy policies of:

Occasionally we may use customer information for new uses that we have not anticipated heretofore. (Cool big words, huh?) Furthermore, we might have not previously disclosed these uses in our privacy notice. I mean, how could we, if we didn’t anticipate them heretofore? So, if the way we use your information change at some future date, we’ll post the policy changes on our Web site .. probably right here on this page … so we can notify you of these changes, what purposes the data will be used for, etc. If want to know about how your information is used, check back at our site often.

What the heck, we can always use the traffic. It impresses the hell out of anyone looking us up on Alexa.

Now if you want, you can clean up any inaccuracies in your contact and/or financial information. All you gotta do is to write us, and we’ll get you any information we have stored on you and give you a chance to correct it. You’ll have to include a self-addressed, stamped envelope, which is a pain in the butt, but it’s even more of a pain for our secretaries to do this in case some idiot in Washington changes some freakin’ law and we get buried in requests. Anyway, the upshot of all this is that you can have your information corrected once you get your copy from us.

Regarding Security: Clients will sometimes submit all kinds of personal and sensitive information, like financial or health information. When this occurs, we do our utmost best to handle such information on secure servers. But if anyone tries to either hack into or physically get at our servers, they will have an experience with the civil court system so rigorous that their lawyers will need lawyers. They’re also going to get to engage in a fascinating conversation with Homeland Security. Bot the civil and criminal lawsuit experience they get from us will leave a life-long impression with any violators of our security systems. We’re not saying that it’s impossible to breach any security system, including ours. It’s just that the result of doing so will be so financially painful and dangerous to any perpetrator’s personal freedom that they’d be better off leaving us alone.

If you feel that we are not following this privacy and information policy as stated, let us know. Simply contact us at the addresses or telephone number above, and we’ll bend over backwards to make it right for you.