Attention Financial Publishers and Marketers:

Get response-driven copy that compels sales, subscriptions, and leads from today's over-marketed and skeptical investors...
...Using tested strategies in Video Sales Letters, Landing Pages, Emails, and Direct Mail ads.

EXPLODE Your Sales During Booms, Busts, and Crashes!

​Dear Business Builder,

As sure as the market rises and falls, I know this:

Any stock can crash…

Any ETF can panic…

Any index can collapse…

And any top-selling newsletter or product can suddenly flop – overnight – beaten by a different, stronger pulling ad campaign.

It’s as true online as offline.

It’s true with websites, direct mail, TV infomercials, radio, print ads, or any other means of reaching your market. And you can bet it’s true about what you’re selling right now.

But when I write your next control, you could be racking up 25%... 50%... even 100% more in leads, sales, and orders. And in a moment, I'll show you how.

But first, you may be tempted to ask…

​“Who Is This Guy, & Why Should I Listen To Him?”

My name is Kevin Dawson, and I write direct response copy for financial publishers and marketers only.

Not only do I specialize in writing financial copy that skyrockets sales for newsletters, products, and trading services...

I do it like no one else – because for the past eight years, I’ve stood shoulder-to-shoulder with my publishers in the trenches... just as I will be alongside you.

Now, what does that mean?

Instead of just writing copy, I take a partnering approach with you. Together, we can track and test everything from headlines to pictures to PS’s and leads... And we can sift through the metrics of landing pages, AdWords, and media buys to see what’s giving us the top response. Why would I get involved this deep?

Because when there’s money on the line, you MUST be as certain as possible. Not to mention...

As a marketer, you have goals to meet, gurus to get results for, endless campaigns to launch...

The pressure on you is tremendous. There are just not enough hours in the day for what you do. And the last thing you need is guff from a copywriter who’s too arrogant to understand how to help you. Or (worse) a copywriter who's too lazy to return calls or misses deadlines.

That’s why my partnering approach works. I can free you up to meet your sales goals... and concentrate on what skyrockets the revenue for your franchises.

This is not a mere claim. I’ve got the experience to back that up...

I cut my teeth as a copywriter in the crucible of working for entrepreneurs, selling online investing systems. I was deeply involved in their metrics, as I was often the one with the most business experience.

I launched Chris McLaughlin and Nathan Jurewicz. I took them from a startup... to a list of 130,000 and a $10 million business. I was the lead writer for Mac X's FOREX system... and wrote a $1.5 million product launch for Jeff Adams.

But eight years ago, I expanded my writing to newsletter publishers, too. My copy's helped drive sales for Agora, Forbes, Eagle Financial, InvestorPlace Media, Leeb Financial, Jim Cramer, StreetAuthority...

I'm not thumping my chest. I'm simply showing you the depth of direct response knowledge I've accumulated... which I can bring to the table when I partner with you.

This experience gives you an edge because I keep my finger on the pulse of what’s working and what doesn’t.

See, some freelancers may write the occasional investment piece. Some "financial copywriters" may write for a bank or credit card company. They may work for insurance salesmen. Or a local financial planner.

But what really makes me unique is that I trade the markets myself!

That's my secret: I don’t just write high-response marketing campaigns … I trade and invest in the same markets your readers do. Now, how does that help you?

Being a trader gets me inside your customer’s head. I know who your customers are, how they think, and what’s going to trigger them to buy. This is the kind of skill that can make your copy compelling, and your offers irresistible. Your readers will have that "real feel" that resonates with them... causing them to trust you, like you, and buy from you.

I've been investing since I was a pre-teen. After 30 years in the markets, I've tested tons of different technical indicators, automated systems, expert systems, news trading, fundamental analysis, etc... It’s been my life. Some say it’ s in my blood. My wife says, if she stuck a pin in me while I was sleeping, S&P 500 quotes would come trickling out.

Whether Wall Street is up, down, or sideways, I’ve been there … done that.

So even in this latest volatile market, I’m making publishers just like you more money than they ever have before!

Why? Every day, I trade and invest side-by-side with the people in your target market. I see what they see, feel what they feel… the same fears and excitements… go through the same ups and downs … so I’ m uniquely positioned to help you sell your newsletter or service.

And I'm lovin' every minute of it! So please accept my invitation to...

“Share in My Obsession with Financial Markets – & Make Your Sales Rates Soar!”​

Some people tell me I need to be more "well rounded" in my life...

...because I devote most of my time to the markets. But that’s where I discover the most effective ways to reach your market. The more I stay on top of what’ s happening, the more I can help you can sell.

"Well rounded?" My wife helps run my trading room. My 28-year-old son trades the Asian session after working on sales copy. My 25-year-old daughter... the one with the smartphone in one hand, and an XBOX controller in the other, and a tablet in her lap... talked me into buying a put option on Apple this January. “Dad, like, the iPhone X is going to lose market share to Android.” Okay, she was right this time. She also watches Cramer.

So, "well-rounded?" I get my entertainment from being deeply involved in the markets. I don’t read People Magazine or The National Enquirer. I read the Wall Street Journal and Forbes. I have no idea what the Kardashians did this week, or what Justin Bieber's latest stunt is.

But I can quote you the latest spot Gold price, and if Powell's pushing for another interest rate jump.

Other than my own daily trading, here are some examples of what I would call winners:

Devising a compelling new ad that blasts my client’ s sales rates through the roof by 300%

Planning lethal strategies that crush the competition, so my client dominates their niche, raking in all the cash for themselves

Getting a 47% conversion rate increase from a new squeeze page, swelling their list with boatloads of new clients

Devising a new "automatically adjusting" funnel that upsells, downsells, or cross-sells, optimizing profits all by itself.

My point:

Whether I’m helping you market your newsletter or product to other investors... or pulling the trigger on a profitable trade... I play to win.

Make no mistake about it … when there’ s money on the line, I play for keeps. And I bring that same intensity to your marketing. With that in mind, I want to share with you…

“How My Financial Marketing Will Flood Your Franchises With Boatloads of Cash!”​

Selling to investors is a market unlike any other. Financial customers have been bombarded with so many offers they are getting immune. But that’s not completely true…

They quickly rise to a fevered pitch when they see a profit making opportunity if it’ s shown to them in a persuasive and compelling way that's unique and truthful.

So you can count on this: when you work with me, you’ ll discover:

- The single greatest secret in advertising ever discovered that can multiply every dollar invested by 10!

- Starving crowds in the financial markets, hungry for your products who will buy and consume them with the mania of sharks in a feeding frenzy

- The new most powerful “hot-button” words... and guess what? They aren’ t the words “FREE” or even “NEW” anymore. I’ ll bet your jaw will drop when you hear what they are!

- How covert psychological triggers, unknown or casually ignored by other marketers, leads to dramatically higher response. This vein of gold is being mined every day in the trenches of front-line sales… and has been raided by my clients and me for years … where you must beat the competition, or you don't survive.

- You too will now know hidden psychological triggers used to make people leap at your offer, buy for longer subscription times, come back repeatedly, renew with more frequency, and with higher buyer aggressiveness.

- Irresistible blocks of copy used to unconsciously persuade your prospects to buy

- The studies that show just how prospects actually scan and react online. Smart marketers who add these strange secrets get so much success that they are counting their dollars with a front-end loader.

- The product launch formula that can add 200% — 500% in profits … on your first day, as well as the following weeks!

- Results from design studies using 2-Way Mirrors reveal how your prospects open their mail, how they read it, and how you can use this to generate higher sales response

- Which ad beats which? Results proven by split and multivariate tests on headlines, power words, guarantees, bonuses, etc.

In today’ s market, things change fast. Many older things some marketers think are unbeatable don’ t work as well anymore. That's one reason I’m a fanatic about ongoing testing. And you benefit from the latest discoveries of what’ s converting prospects into sales right now.

You need someone who stays on top of the latest and greatest of what works and what doesn’t. You may even want to…

“Check Out My Samples To See How We Can Grow Your Business Together”

Would you like to see some red-hot samples of rainmaking copy I’ve written? Fill out my contact form, and I'll send you all you need.

But let me warn you upfront: when you take just one look at them, you are going to insist on becoming part of my Financial Copywriting experience. You’ll see how I can get you results – fast.

Please allow me an additional caution: even though I’m not yet asking for the $15,000-25,000 upfront fees that my friends in the copywriting business are charging nowadays... my time’s very limited.

Let me assure you, you can find cheaper copywriters out there than me. (And if you are searching for less expensive copywriters, I can even show you where to find them.) But if that’s the case, you’ll likely cost yourself far more in lost profits than any savings you’ll find. There is nothing more expensive than cheap copy.

And this leads me to reluctantly ask …

​“May I be Blunt With You?”

I am not your typical copywriter. And to be frank, what I do is not for everybody.

There are simply some publications that are not suited for this go-for-the-throat style of marketing. And I’d hate to be the one to break the news if I either can’t – or won’t – work with you.

So here’s the short list of who should not call me:

* If you don’t understand the term “Direct Response Marketing.” You must have at least a grasp of the basics of direct response, just so we are on the same page.

* SPAMMERS or other shady people — Sorry, my persuasive methods are very powerful, and it’s not fair to use them in any dishonest way

* If you don’t have the decision-making power to immediately put my strategies to work

* Price Shoppers: Cheap copy actually COSTS you money — and time. It can suck your resources dry. You'll waste traffic, time, and web design on cheap copy...

Because it won't convert. And you'll have to put everything on hold until a pro rewrites it for you.

My copy pays for itself... over and over again. If I can’t return your marketing investment many times over, I’ll know up front before the first word is written… and I won’t work with you. So my fee will not be an issue.

You see, the Financial Copywriting experience is about far more than simply writing ads. I build value into your business. I come aboard not as a mere copywriter, but as a partner to help boost revenues for your franchises.

Let me repeat myself: I’ m not your typical copywriter. I do things quite differently. I take a look at your market, then I look at your competition, then I help you dominate your competition.

I’ll hand you unique strategies on a silver platter that no one else can supply. And I’ll stay in constant contact with you … you’re not left searching for days without an answer (I typically reply the same day, or within 24 hours). You’ll get access to my private email and cell phone, so I can promptly give you the best marketing advice money can buy.

Simply put, you’ll get you the attention you deserve from the financial copywriter who wants to partner with you... and is easy to work with.

No drama or arrogance. In fact…

​I’m So Confident I Can Boost Your Response, I Offer You this Iron-Clad Guarantee:​

​Your sales MUST soar... Or I’ll rewrite your copy once, from the ground up, totally at my expense. Simply pass along the metrics, and we’ll work together to get your prospects converted into ravenous buyers, who'll consume everything you have for sale.

Why would I make such an offer? Because I take your business as seriously as I take mine. Not only does my business success depends on yours... once I commit to a project, I'm all-in. You get my cell phone, personal email, and close contact with me throughout the campaign.

But when you fill out my contact form and we talk, remember this: Do NOT expect to hear a sales pitch. Not only do I already have a full schedule... I’m selective about whom I work with. And to be blunt... I turn away far more clients than I accept.

Bottom line: If you've read this far, you know my style. This is how I write. Hard-hitting, factual, and compelling. No B.S., fluff, or hype. That's how you know I can help you.

And I charge accordingly: For a long-form sales letter, I start at $9,000, plus royalties. Emails range from $350 for focused, tightly-written response drivers... all the way up to $1,000 for a multi-pager. Of course, package discounts apply.

Is that too expensive? Then your choice is simple:

Don’t Hire Me!

​I’m not cheap. I don’t know of anyone who gets the results I do who is cheap. Even so, just because someone meets my rates doesn’t mean we’ll be a good fit for each other.

But if you can’t afford great copy, that’s okay. I can refer you to someone with less experience and skill. Still, saving two or three thousand with someone else could cost you tens of thousands in sales.

Maybe we’ll work together. Maybe we won’t. We won’t know until we look at your marketing needs, and see if you’re ready for copy that’s conversion-focused.

So if now’s the time to get your business in the high-profit fast-lane, here’s what you need to do next:

Simply click on the “Contact” link in the menu at the top of this page. It will take you to a secure form, where you’ll get a FREE 1/2 hour, one-on-one marketing consultation with me. (Now, I usually charge $1200 for an audit of your site and an hour of my advice. But for an introduction to my services, I can give you 1/2 hour for no charge, to see if we’re a fit.)

Once you send me your contact information, you’ll get a personal email from me. The subject line will say, “Response From Financial Copywriting.”

And that email will be me personally reaching out to you so we can both of us make a lot of money together, very soon.

Yours for higher profits,

Kevin Dawson,
Wall Street’s Copywriter

P.S. Please remember, our 1/2 hour consultation is not a sales pitch. It’s all about your business, your marketing and sales challenges, and ways we can rocket your profits. Whether we work together or not, I guarantee that you’ll come away with many new ideas on how to increase your response – and your bottom line.

P.P.S. As of this writing, my schedule is already filling up spots for August 2018, with only a few left in between now and then. With this booming economy and its soaring markets, profits are going into orbit for my clients.

So I’ll tell you right away if I don’t believe in your project, or I don’t think I can catapult your income. Otherwise, strap yourself in and prepare for the most thrilling ride of your life! Go ahead. Fill out my contact form, now.

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